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Live Events

Amazingly, we meet people from all different back grounds in real life. Try to get to as many live events as possible! There is a different relationship built with people you get to spend time with them in person. The like minded people meet with singing  Kayoukyoku favorites! 

Culinary Services

Connect with Japanese cuisine places or Asian fusion cuisine events can be a great way  to promote Kayoukyoku music and event with kind of foods we enjoy and love! 

Strategy & Concept

Make connections with other Kayoukyoku fans, they can help spread the movement in the US as well as share information about your favorite Japanese music, traditional and/or 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90s. Make connections with people in the same era as you! These are all things that we can help grow your favorite music fun time to remember!  

Music Services

Recording opportunity and studio musicians can be available. Are you looking into creating your music in Japanese language? 

Do you need connections to Japanese music industry? 

Let us know your needs! 

Event Design

In order to plan ahead fabulous Kayoukyoku events for all of us, let us hear from you as a big fan of Kayoukyoku! We will budget, set the goal, and negotiate the event revenues as our love of singing and enjoying listening to the music we all love! 

Bar Services

If you are bar owners, serving Japanese wine or drinks, and looking to match the mood for your bar atmosphere, then we can talk! Bring Kayoukyoku to your place! 

Up coming events 

Shoseian Cherry Blossom Celebration March 26 2023  Final.jpg

Past Events

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カウントダウンイベント 12_31_22.jpg
Temple Dec 18 2022.jpeg
New Year in Little Tokyo 2023.jpg
Haru Uta Matsuri

Sept. 2022 Haru Uta Matsuri Ticket $25

Bridge Matsuri 2022

Aug. 2022 Los Angeles Community Free Summer Event


July 2022 Bon Dance Event Down Town LA

Himawari Karaoke 30th Ann

Jun.2022 Himawari 30 year anniversary with a Guest Singer from Japan

Samurai Kids

May 2022 Children's Day

Charity Concert

April 2022 Charity Concert

Shoseian Sakura Festival

Mar. 2022 Sakura Fest

Holiday Tea and Japan Culture Day

Dec. 2021 Holiday Tea/Japan Culture Day

LA Eats Japanese Event

Nov. 2021 Little Tokyo LA Street Event

Planning your next event with Kayoukyoku in mind?

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